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I hired Brett regarding a family legal issue and from the start, Brett was professional, knowledgeable, quick to respond and helped me immediately.
I would highly recommend Brett and will use him again if needed.
Everyone is looking for that perfect Attorney. An attorney who is approachable, reliable, and who is devoted to pursing the best desired resolution for family conflict. Brett’s area of expertise is Family Law. He advised us of our rights and what to expect during the judicial hearing. He was supportive and demonstrated compassion for our family and our situation. Brett has tenacious faith and provided legal counsel to us with skill and great confidence.. After the events of court hearings, Brett followed up with my family to inquire how things were progressing. We were most appreciate for his genuine interest and concern. Brett has a strong foundation of substance and character.
Brett Nelson, worked on a very complicated banking case for me and my family to get us positive results. Brett, flew out to my office in California, on various occasions to review my files and to better understand my case. He always had a clear understanding of the facts and was quick on picking up on the details. I feel that he gave it his all and thank him for all that he did.
Brett represented me in a very difficult divorce and custody case. I am so grateful to him for the care and attention that he gave to my case. He kept my children and I together. Not only is Brett a professional and brilliant lawyer, I consider him a good friend. He understands that family law is very emotional to his clients and it is not just a business transaction. He sincerely cared about my children and I, that is something rare to find in other attorneys.
Brett is truly amazing! He is very honest and dependable, and I never felt like he was just in it for the money like so many other attorneys. I never worried about putting everything in his hands because I knew he would make the right decisions and be economical about it. I will trust him with anything and everything legal that ever comes up and have recommended him to friends who have also been happy with him. Brett Nelson is definitely someone you want representing you!
Brett is a straight up guy (no bs) that I have trusted with my cases. I feel secure knowing that he has always been up front, honest and realistic about our proceedings. He’s smart, a man of faith and knows how to work the system. I highly recommend his services.
I refinanced my mortgage and owned some additional land with the home. During the refinance, the land was suppose to be removed from the mortgage. It was removed from the survey and appraisal, but was left in the legal description. Seems like a simple enough issue to have the bank update the legal description, but after a couple of months of getting no where. I talked to Brett and he contacted the bank. Within a few weeks, I got an email saying they agreed to correct the mistake and within another week or so, I got the updated filing showing the land had been removed from the legal description. Brett was very professional in collecting the information, explaining the process and letting me know how things were going along the way. I trust Brett and would never use any other Attorney.
I am so grateful to have found Brett to represent me in my case. Brett was always available to answer questions and explained the legal process so I could understand. He personally cared about the outcome of my case, it wasn’t just a job to him. Going through a divorce and custody battle was traumatic and overwhelming. Brett always took the time to listen to my worries and took the necessary action. I am eternally grateful.
Jill M.
You told me in the beginning that it would be tough… But I do remember you told me you’d give it your best shot. Well, to me, you are the very best at what you do. In speaking to everyone, I have given referrals of you with the highest regard. I can’t imagine ever having another person stand up and represent me in court. You will always be remembered for what you saved me from and the steps you were willing to walk for me. I so greatly appreciate your time and effort.
Stephanie G.
Brett is an excellent attorney. He guided me through a difficult divorce with courtesy and provided stability when I was very unstable. He is very level headed and kept me from making decisions that may have not been the best for me. I recommend him to anyone.


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