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Child Custody & Child Support in Denton County, TX

Family law cases can quickly become the most contentious type of civil action. After all, you are fighting for what you firmly believe in. Too frequently, though, family law attorneys forget the most important word in family law – family.

Long after the dust has settled on your case, you will have to live with the aftermath of the way your case was litigated, as well as the final result. In our experience, the damage done to the relationships during the process is more destructive and harder to live with than the actual result. We believe in focusing on practical legal solutions that promote healing and healthy relationships, rather than engaging in an endless, painful smear campaign that results in bruised psyches and destroyed relationships. Often the reality of the separation hits the party who moves out of the house and, while they still want a divorce, they do not want to give up time with their kids. Other times there are allegations of abuse or other inappropriate choices that cause custody and possession to become contested issues.

In a contested custody case, the Court must decide who will have the right to make important legal decisions for the child, the child’s primary residence, and what periods of possession the non-primary parent will enjoy. The Court will make its decision based upon what the Court feels is in the child’s best interest. This decision is a complex, fact-driven determination, where the Court seeks to provide a stable and caring home for the child while promoting a meaningful relationship with the other parent.

In Texas, the law favors co-parenting after divorce. It is essential that you retain an experienced divorce lawyer with contested child custody experience if you have any thoughts that custody could be a contested issue in your case. In no other area of the law is experience more important to help guide you through the process and to help you attain your goals. Furthermore, you must have supreme confidence in the lawyer you select to represent you, because you will need to rely on the attorney’s advice on issues pertaining to the most important thing the Court will dealing with in your divorce — your kids!


At the Nelson Law Group, PC, we have represented people in contested custody cases for over 20 years. We have the knowledge and the experience to help guide you through the complexities that will arise in your case. Contact us today to arrange for a free initial consultation to see if we are the lawyer you need to represent you in your divorce.

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