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Life is fluid, but the Court order that resolved your divorce is a static document that does not automatically change when circumstances in the life of your child, your ex-spouse, or your life change. When issues arise after the divorce is final you need a lawyer who is experienced in handling these issues so that you can receive objective advice on whether it is legally possible to have a provision of your divorce changed. Modifications of decrees generally arise in the following areas:

1. Modification of a geographic restriction;
2. Modification of child support to either increase or decrease it;
3. Modification of spousal support to increase, decrease, or terminate it;
4. Modification of physical custody of a child; and
5. Modification of the possession and access of a non-custodial parent


When a person does not live up to their end of the bargain or otherwise does not do what they are supposed to do, it generally causes some type of hardship on other people. When one party violates a divorce decree, it generally involves a non-payment of support or denied access or possession of a child. In either case, the child is generally impacted negatively and you need a skilled lawyer to help you pursue enforcement of the court order.


In the context of a divorce case, nothing is more important than your relationship with your child and we focus on protecting that relationship. If you are experiencing difficulties with the realities of your divorce decree or do not believe your ex-spouse is living up to his/her obligations, contact the Nelson Law Group, PC to set up a free initial consultation so you can be informed of your legal rights.

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