Injured at work? Claim for the Injury in the Right Way

Claiming for a personal injury can prove to be a very tricky when you have been injured at work. But before making a claim, understand that workers are not only entitled to a workers’ compensation. There are exceptions to this rule where personal injury claims apply.

As an employee, when you get injured on the job, you can thus, discuss the matter with a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney if you fall under the exceptional cases. To know whether you fall in the aforementioned exception, keep reading, as here, we are going to share a general overview of the different compensations you can get for injuries at work, aside from workers’ compensation; of course.

Intentional Conduct by the Employer

If your injury is the direct result of an intentional action taken by your employer, you have every right to sue your employer and receive the compensations for both, your injury and the negligibility of your employer.

Product Liability Claim

If your injury is the direct result of a defective product or machinery used at your workplace on a daily basis, you have the right to make a claim under the product liability clause.

Improper Labeling of Toxic Substances

If your injury is due to handling a substance that is toxic in nature, and either your employer or the manufacturer has shown negligence in putting the correct handling instructions, you can sue for the damages incurred due to such a lethal negligence.

Third Party Liability

If the injury you suffer at work is due the negligence of a third party, then you will still be able to recover most, if not all of the compensation from the said party.

No Worker Compensation Insurance

If you get injured on the job and it turns out that your employer doesn’t have any workers’ compensation insurance, you can sue them directly for the damage entailed.

While workers’ compensation does allow workers to recover damages, it almost always falls short of the payment the worker deserves for the damage inflicted. Worker Compensation insurance doesn’t cover the pain suffered by the injured personnel, which lasts far longer than the time it takes your employer to compensate for it.

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