Despite The Horror Stories, Not Paying Child Support Will Catch Up To You

Despite The Horror Stories, Not Paying Child Support Will Catch Up To You

A good friend of our law firm came across a sobering social media post last week. It was written by a friend of his who went through a nasty divorce a few years ago, and without sharing too many details of that post, frustration was clearly boiling over as the woman shared that her ex-husband hadn’t paid a single dime in child support going on six months.

Logically, she knew with help from her lawyer that the courts would catch up to her “deadbeat ex” soon enough. Frantically, though, she has to take every spare shift she can to make enough money to keep a roof over her kids’ heads.

You’re probably reading this thinking, “How can he get away with that? Six months is a long time to avoid child support.”

Clearly, we don’t pretend to know the specifics of their situation. But I can promise you with absolute certainty that her ex-spouse is working on borrowed time. His lawyer (assuming he has one) cannot get him out of paying child support. In fact, not only will he have to continue paying future child support, but he will pay back what he owes in arrears. Staying off the radar, purposely being underemployed or unemployed, or claiming that he can’t pay will not eliminate his obligation.

Are there ways for him to reduce his payments? Absolutely – but with permission, of course.

Despite horror stories like the one mentioned above, not paying child support will catch up to you. Here are just a few ways a parent can be punished for not staying current with their child-support payments or refusing to pay entirely.

  • Stiff fines
  • Jail time
  • Payment of attorney fees of person you owe the support to.
  • Suspension of driver’s license
  • Liens on bank accounts, retirement, life insurance, and real property
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In an effort to speak directly to those parents who are divorced and are actively avoiding paying child support, one of our more recent blog posts lays out four reasons why you should be happy making your payments. Here’s a hint: it’s not about you anymore. In the meantime, if you are faced with a situation where your former spouse is not paying child support, it is wise to seek help from a knowledgeable divorce and child support lawyer.

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