How to Keep Your Child Away from a Toxic Divorce

How to Keep Your Child Away from a Toxic DivorceHow to Keep Your Child Away from a Toxic Divorce

If you think the torment and pain of going through a divorce is too much for you to handle, imagine what it would feel like to your children. Children of broken marriages are adversely affected by a divorce. It can fill them with guilt looking at their parent’s fight, bicker and grow apart. They think they are the ones to blame for what has happened.

Saving children from the toxic effects of a divorce is important. This article outlines some of the tips and tricks you can use to keep your child away from a toxic divorce.

Never Take Them to Court Hearings

Court is not a place for kids to hangout, especially if their parents are contesting a divorce case against one another. Divorce cases can typically get out of hand, with both spouses and their lawyer maligning the other in an attempt to get the upper hand. For a child to witness such a spectacle will only expose them to the toxic effects of a divorce, instead of healing them.

Act Cordial with Your Spouse In front of the Children

The bitterness of having a divorce can often consume the spouses when they come face to face with another. This bitterness is then communicated through their behavior towards one another. However, to save your children from toxic effects of a divorce, you need to make sure you act cordial with your spouse in front of them. Children can sense a change and as parents you need to do all in your power to make sure the children feel as little change from the ordinary post divorce as possible.

Don’t Use them As Messengers

In this day and age when communication is just a click away, parents can resort to using their children as messengers in their joint custody arrangements. This is something which is best avoided. Using children as messengers and using them to spy on the other spouse is one way of dragging them into the after effects of a divorce and that will only hurt them in the long run.

Talk to Them

This option depends on the age of the children. If your children are old enough to understand what is going on, one of the parents should sit down with them and tell them the real reason they have decided to call it quits in their marriage. One way or another, they are bound to know and knowing the facts from their parent’s mouth, if anything it softens the blow.

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