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About Denton TexasAbout Denton Texas – Denton, Texas was founded in 1857 consisting of mostly African Americans and established the county Freedom Town. In 1895 the town’s first courthouse was built on the square and is now a historic monument still in use today. The population is approximately 121,000 people with a landmass of 94.9 square miles. The city is known as a college town for the fact that 45,000 students are enrolled at the two universities within the city limits. Nightlife is lively due the large population of college students. Denton Square is filled with restaurants, bars, and music and a recent renovation made the square a popular destination for older crowds as well. Denton is known today as sustainable Denton for the city’s efforts to improve our Environment, create Economic Value, and strengthen our community. Forty percent of energy is provided through the use of renewable resources. Denton is the leader in clean energy and forty percent of the city’s energy is wind powered. Energy efficient buildings are in abundance with sustainability being a strong focus. Efforts towards sustainability are not limited to buildings; Denton Public library holds Trashion Fashion, an event promoting the reuse of recyclable goods. Denton is also known for hosting The North Texas Horse Country, one of the largest concentrations of horse farms in the United States. The city is a popular wedding venue as well; many young couples enjoy the traditional wedding style Denton has to offer. The city was voted number one best small town by the Business Insider in 2012 and continues to hold to this honorable nomination. Denton is a town filled with passion and dedication; efficiency and sustainability continue to be accomplished by this small town.

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