Brett Nelson is a Texas attorney with nearly two decades’ worth of experience and the founding partner of the Nelson Law Group. He prides himself on his honesty, sensitivity, compassion, and his unwavering commitment to providing value to his clients while zealously advocating for their rights. Brett’s extensive trial experience spans many practice areas. He has handled both bench and jury trials and has extensive experience working with family law and complex litigation matters. Brett has handled litigation involving fire insurance coverage, statutory penalty pension credit, defective construction, product liability, personal injury, worker’s compensation, estate administration (claims), medical malpractice, and professional negligence.

Divorce Attorney

Co-parenting after divorce: 4 ways to make the most out of your time with the kids

We’ve written quite a bit about co-parenting after divorce. This is mainly because it is a critical relationship that not only must exist between former spouses but also should be approached with a positive attitude in fairness to your children. But one aspect of the co-parenting relationship that we haven’t touched on yet is the…