Irretrievably Broken

What Does It Mean When a Marriage Is Irretrievably Broken?

When some couples are asked why they seek a divorce, their reason or grounds are pretty specific. For example, one spouse had an affair, or perhaps there is a concern for physical and emotional abuse. But in other situations, neither party can pinpoint one specific act or situation. There is still a reason for the…


Stay Married

Should We Stay Married for the Kids’ Sake?

When your marriage is on the rocks and divorce is likely the answer, it is only natural for you to have second thoughts. But for many parents, the second-guessing part is not as much about thinking they can still work things out with the other person through forgiveness and reconciliation. Instead, they are focused on…


Avoid Being Sued

10 Simple Ways to Avoid Being Sued

Many of us do not think about the possibility of one day being sued. To us, the idea of something like that happening is too far-fetched — things would have to really go off the rails in life or business for us to be stuck in a position like that. But the reality is that…


My Divorce Case

How Do We Get Started With My Divorce Case?

When you decide to end your marriage, it is natural to be curious about where to start with your divorce case. After all, no two divorces are the same, and there are so many variables to consider that most people feel they are drinking from a gushing firehose. We cannot blame you — divorce can…


Common-Law Marriage

Is Divorce Possible in a Common-Law Marriage?

When it comes to marriage, many of us automatically choose the traditional process of getting down on one knee to pop the question, applying for a marriage license, picking a venue, participating in an actual ceremony, and enjoying the countless blessings that fall in between. But for every handful of couples who choose this ceremonial…


Better Marriage the Second Time Around

10 Ways To Ensure a Better Marriage the Second Time Around

After your divorce, there may come a point when you want to take your next serious relationship to the next level. This is a great thing — you deserve to find love again. In the back of your mind, though, you cannot help but wonder if it is truly possible to have a better marriage…


Valentine’s Day After a Divorce

6 Tips To Survive Valentine’s Day After a Divorce

Just when you thought you survived your first holiday season after divorce, you do a quick double-take and realize Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Granted, Valentine’s Day is not a recognized holiday like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and New Year’s. It is also just one day compared to the others. But it is…


Education After Divorce

Who Pays for Our Kid’s College Education After Divorce?

You finalized your divorce almost 10 years ago. Your son was 7 at the time, and the divorce decree required you to make regular monthly child support payments to your former spouse. You have happily done so for all these years, but now that your son is 17 and about to graduate high school, another…


Avoid Divorce

7 Ways To Reduce Conflict With Your Spouse and Possibly Avoid Divorce

Your marriage does not have to end in divorce. Sure, that may be the direction you and your spouse are headed right now, especially after years of mounting and seemingly irreparable issues, poor decisions, and constant bickering. At times, it can feel like there is no hope to reduce conflict with your spouse and possibly…


Morality Clause

Dating After Divorce and the Morality Clause

It has been six months since you and your former spouse divorced, and though you are committed to being a parent first, you have opened yourself up emotionally to the idea of dating again. You meet a few nice people in social settings, and as the next few months go by, you develop your first…