avoiding civil litigation

12 Thought-Provoking Quotes About Avoiding Civil Litigation

It may surprise you to hear an attorney say this, but we would prefer to help people avoid going to court. Sure, our firm has extensive bench and jury trial experience with complex cases dealing with breach of contract, personal injuries, wrongful death, business litigation, and fire cases. Our client list also includes people who…


Divorce Mediation Strategies

5 Divorce Mediation Strategies To Resolve Conflict

Divorce mediation helps opposing parties reach a quiet, efficient, and amicable resolution to their case rather than deal with the unfortunate consequences of courtroom litigation. For the most part, those who choose mediation will do all they can to reach an outcome that works for everyone — even with property division and child-related matters (child…


Heartfelt Apology

6 Steps to an Effective and Heartfelt Apology

You and your spouse just got into a heated argument. Both of you said some mean things, but your unsavory statements, in particular, really cut deep. In the heat of the moment, you feel like you won the argument. However, after a little time has passed, you realize just how much you hurt your spouse.…


Contingent Beneficiary

Estate Planning: Beneficiary vs. Contingent Beneficiary

When you want to pass your assets and other belongings onto someone else after you die, you choose a beneficiary. Most people automatically list their spouse, children, or sibling, while others might include a charity or nonprofit. This is an essential piece of estate planning, and congratulations if you already made those selections. But please…


divorce process

Quick Tips for When You Start the Divorce Process

If you are thinking about ending your marriage or have already been served with divorce papers, it is important that you have the right people to look out for your best interests during the divorce process and provide advice so that you always make informed decisions. For the most part, that person will always be…


Family Law Only

Is Family Law Only About Divorce?

It is natural to assume divorce is in the family law category by itself. After all, it is a family lawyer’s job to help spouses legally separate from each other, and with 50% of all marriages ending in divorce, it is safe to assume lawyers like us do not have time to handle any cases…


Keeping Secrets Can Destroy a Marriage

4 Reasons Why Keeping Secrets Can Destroy a Marriage

How many times have you kept a secret from your partner? Before you answer, remember that we are not talking about little and harmless secrets, such as how you sneak cookies from the cupboard before bed each night or that you are hiding your nerdy fandom for all things Star Wars. We mean keeping secrets…


Child Support Citation

How Should I Respond To a Child Support Citation?

You have been served with a child support citation. Now what? Unfortunately, receiving this piece of paper means you have fallen behind on your court-ordered obligation, either because you missed a payment, made partial payments due to unforeseen circumstances, or refused to pay altogether. Regardless of what caused you to reach this point, you owe…


Child Support and Spousal Support

Child Support and Spousal Support — What Is the Difference?

Your divorce is almost over, and it is time for the judge overseeing the proceedings to rule on the child support payments you will owe each month and the spousal support they have determined is rightfully owed to your soon-to-be former spouse. Suddenly, a look of confusion flashes across your face. “Are child support and…